Here are just three examples of what we could offer you!  

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     Use a dialog box to insert all of your information that is required to go into a drawing sheet title box, then let the routine do the rest for you. From inserting the drawing frame to adding the required attributes and scaling the drawing sheet to the required scale whether in model or paper space.  Drawing Sheet

     Using a dialog box to start, you can select which steel member to draw in CAD. Simply select either plan, elevation or section, choose the relevant steelwork section type, select the section size and then pick the relevant points. The program will do the rest for you. It will even add the section size for you if you wish. All steelwork is placed into its own layer and the section text, if selected is also placed in its own layer. What could be simpler?  Steelwork

     Get bored with typing in the same notes on every drawing time after time. Then why not let us standardise it for you. Just by selecting the required note then applying it, the routine could insert the note on your drawing with only the click of a button. No more will you have to copy and edit the same notes every time.  Notes  

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